Jocelyne Saez-Simbola
Art ceramist

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It can take minutes, hours, months and sometime years
from the beginning to the end of a project.

Time got another meaning as it became my ally
the day I stopped measuring it, comparing and apprehending it..

Ma demarche

My meeting with the clay in 2000 afforded me the ability to create a fanciful universe where the sense comes from the lines. Kindly, coming from nowhere , this imaginary people, will tell you from another time.

My preference is for narrative sculpture.
The one that tells a story, makes you dream, imagine.

Porteurs de messages

My hands have created an imaginary universe that speaks of transmission. Each character of the Les Messagers and Les enfants Nayavu collections from a singular land where the notion of time does not exist, will deliver your message hidden from view in the hollow of a scroll hidden in his back.

Faced with the urgency of modernity, these characters have chosen slowness which will give more weight to your words.
Each piece is unique and original.
A certificate of authenticity will be delivered to you.

Until recently, I was convinced that my activity should be shared "live",
through the exchange of looks and talks.
The development of Internet as well as your various requests gradually drove me
to enlarge and share my universe on the Web.

Ma demarche

Watercolour by Lionel Lacroix ©

However, be sure I would still enjoy meeting for real
"pour de vrai", as our children would say...