bandeau raku


raku leynaud 03I can hardly explain the marvel ut is to see an incandescent sculpture as I open the oven when it has reached the level of 1000°, then extract it to set it on a bed of combustible elements (on ne pourrait pas remplacer par "a bed of ashes" ?) in order to get is burst into flames. And the, my waiting in front of the smoked basin, feeling as excited as a child in front of a Christmas tree!...

Suddenly it appears to me, all smoke and shine !

......These magical instants, offered by Raku firing, are just unique

Native from Corea, this smoking technique was developed in Japan during the 16th century. It is closely in accordance with the zen philosophy for the firing of the tea ceremonial bowls. Nowadays in Occident, the Raku is used to bake a lot of artistic creations.


Happiness through the unknown or
a gift in making lucky discoveries.

Baked clay, ornamented with oxides and smoked out,
a clear emotion when discovering the achieved work.
Questioning and humility...

We can only keep a low profile !